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up to USD 200 sales
up to 10 subscribers
up to 15 products
How to create an app for my ecommerce
Includes both app and bot features.
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USD 59.99 /mo

+ 3¢ for active user /mo.

up to USD 1,000 sales
up to 500 subscribers
up to 250 products
How to create an app for my ecommerce
Includes both app and bot features.
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USD 119.99 /mo

+ 3¢ for active user /mo.

up to USD 5,000 sales
up to 2,500 subscribers
up to 1,000 articles
How to create an app for my ecommerce
Includes both app and bot features.
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USD 359,99 /mo

+ 3¢ for active user /mo.

up to USD 10,000 sales
up to 5,000 subscribers
up to 3,000 articles
How to create an app for my ecommerce
Includes both app and bot features.
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The plan moves automatically when it exceeds the predisposed limits.

Shovel apps offers everything you need to scale your business.
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Key Questions

What’s the value of Shovel Apps for my store?

More than 50% of the time spent online is through mobile apps. With a mobile app your business becomes part of your customers’ every day mobile experience.

Who will design my mobile shop?

Our default design follows the latest rules of Apple iOS and Google Android. Just compare one of our apps with the very best Apple or Google Apps and you’ll see that our default template just matches their standards!

Do I really need a Mobile App if I already have a mobile site?

A Mobile Site is accessed from a phone browser whereas an App is installed on the device by the user. App users tend to be frequent and drive more sales for your business. An app loads faster and thus saving your customers’ time by making it more shopper friendly.

On the internet browsers can change url at any second or click away from your website to an advert. An app is more likely to stop them drifting and keep their attention on your services.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can unsubscribe by accessing your account and eliminating the app.

I changed my apps color/logo/images. How long will it take to update?

Every change must be subject to revision by Apple Store and Google Play. If your app was updated previously you will need to wait at least one week before the changes go live. An app that is constantly updating may be considered as a flawed product, which will end up damaging the ranking of the app. We as developers will also be rated poorly for sending excessive revision requests.


How does Shovel App help me grow my business?

By launching your own, branded mobile apps your business is simply available, where people spend time online: In apps. With mobile apps, your online store becomes part of the daily mobile experience of your customers!

You will be able to track your client’s activities through our analytics, and based on them, create new content and push notifications to boost your sales.

Which e-commerce are compatible with Shovel apps platform?

Right now we are compatible with the most popular e-commerce on the market: Shopify ,Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento & Bigcommerce.

Soon we will be integrating new e-commerce platforms.

Which payments methods are supported with apps created by Shovel Apps?

We are working with Mercado Pago & Paypal.

We are constantly working to incorporate new payment methods and suppliers.

In which countries is Shovel Apps available?

We are currently available in any country who works with Mercado Pago & Paypal.

What is the monthly fee of Shovel apps?

You can start with a free trial plan, the monthly cost of the service tools will depend on the amount of products, subscribers and the billing of the store as expressed in our plans.See pricing.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees.

Can I use the app or bot individually or should I use all the services together?

You can use the app, the bot individually or all services together, as the plan includes all services.

What happens if I exceed the limits described in my plan, whether it is sales, subscribers or articles limits?

When you overcome the predisposed limits, the plan moves automatically.

What is an Active User?

Active User is anyone who interacts at least once with the app on the current month, or anyone who receives an interaction from the merchant through the app.

What is a subscriber or subscribed user?

Subscribers are those users who interacted with the chatbot

Do I have to pay in advance or at the end of the month?

You will be charged at the end of the month, time in which we will be able to see the amount of Monthly Active Users.

Why should I integrate my store with facebook messenger?

1. FAST: No downloading, users do not waste time searching and installing an app, everybody has facebook.

2. FLUID: The flow of the conversation is composed by buttons which allow to accompany the user throughout purchasing process.

4. MULTIPLE INTERACTIONS: It can handle multiple conversations at the same time, day and night without stopping.

5. WORKLOAD DECREASE: Minimize the cost of phone-based support.

6. ADDED VALUE: For the User it's abot the convenience of accessing their favorite stores through a unique tool that uses daily 'Facebook messenger' and the value for the store is that it can engage customers who were previously lost if they did not specify the purchase.

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